Single Mama Series: Intention

intentionI am so excited to be writing a series of posts for all of us single mamas.  Of course, the ideas carry over to all mamas, but I felt strongly that single mamas need a little bit of a lift and a lot of Light and a reminder about how much they do and how amazing they will always be.

So I’ll Preface this series by saying:

I’ve read countless books and heard countless lectures about HOW to get things done, how to get organized, how to make freezer meals, how to get bills paid. Maybe those bits of advice are useful, but here is my take: life is SO much bigger and more FULL than freezer meals. I can make freezer meals; it might make dinner hour simpler. But at the end of the day, what I seek is fulfillment and JOY in my moments of motherhood. No handbook can give us this. It’s on US. WE get to decide. So in the following weeks you will read 3 of my suggestions. Do they tell you what to do? NO. Do they give you step by step? NO. That is on YOU. YOU are in charge of your life and your choices.

#1: Set An Intention

EVERY SINGLE DAY. Set an intention. Don’t worry about keeping it or sticking to it. Don’t worry about how it will play out. Don’t worry about logistics. Don’t worry about concrete details. How about this: DON’T WORRY. (This is something new that is in my intention each morning.) DON’T WORRY. Just for today, I will NOT worry. About ANYTHING. Not about the cable bill. Not about the crack in my windshield. Not about the pain in my abdomen. Not about my kid hitting another kid with a lunchbox. Not about my ex slandering me. NOTHING. I am NOT going to worry today. What’s amazing about this, is if you LOVE to worry, you can. . . TOMORROW! Right now, DON’T WORRY.

Your daily intention can be ANYTHING. Here’s mine from Jan 1, 2015:

Today I set the intention to live in freedom and in Love. Today I release fear. Today I choose not to worry and not to anger. Today I give my relationship to the Universe and relinquish control. Today I intend to respect my body like a temple of a Goddess and my heart like the Goddess it is.

What are your ideas/goals/ aspirations for 2015? I don’t believe in resolutions. Don’t put yourself in a box and tell yourself it has to go one way, so that when it doesn’t you can wallow in a nice strong drink. We aren’t looking for excuses to go backward.

Intention is foremost about believing in YOU. Period. Are you unsure? Do you think you might mess it all up?  Yay! You’re human. Yes, you might mess it all up. That’s not what this is about. What do you want?

Put down 5 things you WANT from your life right now (or in 2015 if you want to sync this with the Gregorian calendar). When you know what you want, you start to call it in. WRITE it down. Somewhere. I like to write it down and fold it up and put in a secret “intention” hideaway. No one needs to know about it. Will someone in your household think you’re nuts? Who CARES? Just write it. Find a place for safekeeping. This is a one-time gig (until your goals/thoughts/aspirations change).

NOW you are ready to set your daily intention. Every single day, first thing in the morning, set your intention. What’s your intention? Set it out. Say it aloud (or internally) directly to the Universe or God or Self or Angels. . . whatever you believe in.

I also suggest writing your daily intention somewhere. SO if you don’t want to keep a journal of daily intentions (which you certainly should), text them with your phone. Want to receive a text today from someone entirely in LOVE with you? Text yourself your intentions. Have a solid partner or friend who supports you and wants to see your Highest Good? Text it to her/him. Have an iPad? Write yourself a note.

Make it quick. Make it real.

If you happen to remember it, repeat it during the day.  If you forget, you will still come out ahead because you set the intention in the first place.

About my kid hitting someone with a lunchbox? He, too, gets to set an intention each morning before school.  Instead of focusing on what he did wrong (e.g. I intend not to hit anyone), we focus on his strengths.  (e.g. Today I intend to offer help to as many people as I can.)  This practice works for our kids too!

So today I set the intention to share the beautiful secret of Universal intention setting with as many as I can. Today I set the intention to live in Love. Today I set the intention to smile and feel warm in the below zero weather. Today I will be the best mother I can be. Today I will help as many people as I can. Today I will know that I am perfect, exactly as I am. Today I set the intention to call in and spend my life with the people that are willing and ready to align with the beauty of existence.

Love you all <3 Believe in yourSelves. Choose miracles. And stay tuned in because next post will be all about how YES, YOU deserve to take time for yourself to do what you need to do in your day. Your kids will benefit. In all cases, your kids will benefit.

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